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holla atchya boy!

TL;DR: I'm Mo Amir and I'm just a guy who loves his city. 

I'm a business professional who has spent his life (minus my first four years of existence) living in Metro Vancouver. I received my Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) in Marketing/International Business and Master of Arts in Political Science from Simon Fraser University. I work in the forestry sector; I have volunteered as a mentor for youth entrepreneurship programs; and I've sat on a board for a hospice society.
But don't let suit fool you: I'm just a basic bro howling at the moon. 

This project is all out of (my) pocket to give colourful voices in Metro Vancouver a platform to talk about issues and personal journeys that are relevant to the fabric of our communities. Some episodes will be light and fun, others will be more serious - sort of like life. This isn't hard-hitting journalism. This is a collection of conversations that I hope you will enjoy.